Thursday, 26 February 2015


Yesterday just seemed like the day to have a little road trip. John and Judy joined us for a drive west. We had been told by several people about a place over in Plant City called Parkesdale Farm where they had the best strawberry shortcake in the state. So with all those recommendations we figured we should check it out.

This is a great spot if you are in the area. They have a huge fresh fruit and veggie market. The produce is awesome and their prices are great. We picked up a 5 lb of beautiful red grapefruit for $1.98. Can't beat that!

These were so huge Tom and I had to share one. Judy looks just a little excited!! Yummy. A breakfast of champions.

From there we took the I4 towards Tampa. Everytime we drive by this RV dealership I want to take this picture. On this day I managed to get it. Think this dealership sells Airstream? Yup. Looks like they have them planted

We went to the Tampa Electric Manatee Viewing Station last year to see the manatee but had to make a return trip again.

With the weather as cold as it had been we knew there would be lots in the warm waters at the Plant. And we were right. There were over 100 manatee taking advantage of the heated water that is disbursed into the canal by this coal powered hydro plant called the Big Bend Power Station. One of the park reps said that there were 220 in the channel the day before. These two big fellows were sure enjoying their spa in the 80' water. The one big guy spent much of his time floating on his back relaxing with just his mouth above the surface. The other with just a nose out of the water. This is a safe protected sanctuary for the manatee but there is no food for them here. They have to go back out into the open water to find their sea grass each day.

We saw stingrays, Dolphins, black fin shark and many other types of fish. Also on this property is a hiking trail that takes you to an observation tower. We had to check that out. At the top of the 50 foot tower you could see all the way to Tampa and St. Pete.

See the black crab in the tree? There were hundreds of them in the trees along this trail. Ugly little guys!!

We drove through Apolo Beach, which is close to the Power Plant. The housing there is pretty spectacular. On the water and close to Tampa. I can't imagine what some of these places must cost!! A stop at Costco in Brandon to stock up and then dinner at The Out Back rounded out a pretty great day in our neighborhood.

Until next time - safe travels.


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