Saturday, 21 April 2012

Parsnips anyone?

Wednesday I joined my friend Helen McAllister and her ladies group at the Toronto Daily Bread Food Bank.   There were 20 of us that arrived on their door step at 9 am to volunteer our time.  Two thirds of our group worked at sorting and packing parsnips into 5 pound bags for distribution to those in need.  At the end of our shift we had packed 1275 pounds of parsnips....can you say sore back!!!   But it was fun and it felt good to do something for those that are not as fortunate as I am.

Today was cool and overcaste.  We top dressed some weak spots in the yard this morning and then spent the afternoon touring around some truck dealerships to see if there were any trucks to suit our needs.  So far no luck.  But we will keep looking.  There are not many 3500's out there. 

They are talking about some possible snow here on Monday.  I hope not.  All of my perennials our coming along nicely and many are in bloom.  I want sunshine!!! 

Until next travels.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

We put a deposit on a spot for Tara for the summer at The Grangeways near Sandford, On.  It is a really nice park and the owners seem to be very accommodating.  Starting to get really excited about giving the rv life a try.  The plan is to semi live in it over the summer to see how it goes.  We have never done this before except in a tent trailer on vacation so it will be an all around learning experience for us.  Even picked up a new Keurig Platinum Coffee Maker so we can enjoy excellent coffee at the park.  I make the most awful coffee so this will be a treat.  Can't screw up a Keurig.!!  (I hope)
Keurig® Platinum Brewing System
We are heading to St. Lucia in May for our daughter's wedding so will most likely get the 5th settled after we return from there.  AND I finally found the dress I have been searching for for the wedding.  Any idea (you boys) just how hard it is to find a dress to wear, on the beach, to your beautiful daughter's is hard.  I was in a hundred stores.  I had my clothes off and on more than a hooker on payday.  But it has been found and I am happy!!!  All we need to do now is pack.

I know the Hollinger's are making their way home to Ontario after having six months of rv'ing in the great US of A.  Safe trip my friends.  We look forward to your safe return to Canada for the summer.

Until next travels.

Thursday, 12 April 2012


Well the old boy turned 60 yesterday.  Our friends Dave & Helen treated us to a lovely dinner at The Keg last night.  It was delicious!!  We returned home for a night cap and for Tom to open his new Coleman Portable BBQ.  We will need this for our 5th (Tara) this summer.  I have been watching Canadian Tire for it to go on sale and yup it did.  Thank you CTC.

We later had a Skype with our son Stu who lives in Seoul, South Korea.  He and his sister Jennifer bought their Dad a guitar for his birthday.  It has been hiding in the basement for the past couple of weeks.  You know...down by the vacumn cleaner...he doesn't ever go there.  I will be well entertained this summer!!
Until next time - safe travels!!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter to everyone.   I hope you are able to share the day with those that you love.  

We had a beautiful Easter dinner on Friday at Tom's sister Bev's in Bridgenorth, On.  Two of his siblings, their children and grandchildren were in attendance.  Two little 4 year old boys and one 2 year old boy did the egg hunt in the back yard and entertained us greatly. 

Today it is round two.  Dinner at our friends Dave & Helen McAllister's.   Easter weekend is not going to be good for the diet that is for sure.   Need to loose a few pounds before we leave for St. Lucia in May for our daughter Twyla's wedding.  (say no more more more it working?)

Enjoy your day whatever and wherever you may be.

Until next time - safe travels.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Welcome Rick & Kathy to my blog and thank you for your advice about what kind of truck we will need to pull our 5th....who btw is called "Tara".  I thought the name appropriate since as soon as we are both retired we will be "Gone with the Wind".
Until next travels.