Saturday, 2 November 2013

November is Upon Us

Not sure where the time has gone but it continues to fly by.  We should have been on our way south yesterday along with the Hollinger's but we will be delayed for another month.  I know that they will have the park all scouted out by the time we get there and have a whole list of fun things to do.

Halloween on the Hill was warm but rainy and very windy.  I didn't think we would have many kids around this year due to the weather but we had about 50-60 arrive at the door.  All the kids are so polite it refreshes our optimism for the future.  We do have lots of chocolate left over but it went into a baggie and into the deep freeze Friday am to take away the temptation.

My Grands had lots of fun at their community Halloween celebration.
Taylor, Karmen & Jake
 Even Mom got into the act.  They do have great times out there in rural Alberta.

Taylor and Twyla

Hope you all had fun on Halloween.  Whether you were handing out goodies to the kids or participating in your own celebrations.

The cold weather is on its way.  At least we have not had any snow yet.  Western Canada has had snow and are expecting a bunch more this weekend.  We are just having our typical southern Ontario rainy crappy weather.  For all those that are on their way south or getting ready to head out  - Keep warm and Keep safe.

Until next time - safe travels.