Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Emily Provincial Park

On Aug 14th we picked up a pizza at Abruzzo's in Richmond Hill and headed back to Carlisle  to Rodger & Terry's where our 5th has been residing.  Pizza and beer hit the spot when we arrived at their house.  If you are ever in Richmond Hill look Abruzzo's up.  They make the best pizza I have ever tasted.

The next morning The Hollinger's arrived to meet up for our drive to Emily Provincial Park near Peterborough.
We stopped along the 115 for lunch on the way.  This is the Hollinger rig in front of us.

 On Friday we kayaked from the park down to Omemee which was a 3 mile paddle.  There is a nice boat launch and park there that was a great place for lunch.  Omemee is the home of Neil Young for those that may have an interest.

Tom is checking out a spot above the dam at Omemee to see where we can put in on another day.
Water Lilies - so pretty.

3 Miles up river and 3 miles back.  We were ready for a roaring camp fire that evening.

On Saturday we paddled the other direction from the park another 3 miles up and 3 miles back.  Here we are heading under the bridge to return to the park.

In the afternoon John & Judy's daughter, Kristina and her family arrived to spend a few days camping with them.

Sunday Tom and I loaded up the kayaks and headed back to the spot above the dam in Omemee and headed up the Pigeon River.  We figure that we paddled another 3 miles or more up and  back.   Along the way we spotted the "100 Steps".  It is a spot on the edge of the river where there are very old, very narrow  cement steps leading up to an old abandoned farm house.  The river is the only access to this property.  It was a long, steep climb.  We had lunch there, paddled on a bit and then headed back to the park.  Three days and approx 20 miles of paddling.  My arms might fall off.

Monday we all headed off for a little hike around the park and in the afternoon the four of us drove over near Lindsay to visit our old friends Guy & Ruth Kelly.   Ruth has not been well and we are keeping her in our prayers. Nice to see them, it has been far too long.

On Tues the Hollinger gang headed over the horizon.  Our friends John and Alice Taylor came out for a visit in the afternoon and in the evening Tom's sister, Bev was out.   Wed we packed up and headed up to drop the 5th off at a friends in Orillia where it will stay for a few days.

We are back home and I left the camera in the 5th.  So I will post  some pictures of the balance of our week in a few days.  Until then safe travels.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Another 60th Celebration

This past weekend Tom's cousin Rodger turned the big 60!!!  We headed down to Carlisle on Friday to give Terry a hand with the preparations for the party she had planned for Saturday.   Rodger's sister (also named Terry) and her husband Doug had already arrived when we got there and had their Airstream all set up and ready for the weekend.  Shopping was on the agenda and I headed off with the two Terry's into Burlington to take care of business.

Saturday was the big day and there must have been about 50 people show up.  Lots to eat, lots of visiting to be done.

We had some of Rodger and Terry's grandkids helping shuck the corn for dinner.  Fresh corn picked that morning just a few miles away.

 Tom's Aunt Joyce is 85 years young and still going strong.  His cousin Terry R is likely explaining who all the little ones belong to.  There were a number of them.

 Rodger with two of his Grands getting ready to blow out the candles.  

Rodger and Terry opening some of the many cards and gifts he received.  So much for "best wishes only".  That never works.  

It was a nice evening.  They were so pleased to have their kids, grandkids, lots of relatives and friends in attendance.  Rodger is well liked and respected in his community and it shows.

After dinner on Sunday we headed for home. 

A quick stop along highway 6 for diesel and a look at the field of sunflowers.  I have never seen a whole field of sunflowers before and this was pretty spectacular.

A few days to do laundry and get packed for camping with the Hollinger's coming up later this week.  Looking forward to seeing them and getting those kayaks back in the water.

Until next time - safe travels.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Canada's Capital

Ottawa is one of the prettiest cities I have visited.  The historical significance of this city, the architecture,  the canal and the river, the beauty, the people and the Canadian pride.  At this time of year the city is bustling with tourists soaking up all the sights.

Tom had to make a trip to Ottawa on business and I tagged along for the ride.  We headed down early Tues morning for the first four hours of the trip arriving in Kemptville to meet with his first appointment at noon.   After a luncheon meeting we continued on into Ottawa where I did some shopping while Tom meet with his next appointments.  After dinner we went for a long walk down to the Sparks Street Mall to take in the sights and sounds of summer in Canada's Capital.

In 1961 several blocks of Sparks Street were closed to traffic and turned into a pedestrian mall during the summer to try to improve commerce in the area.  It was so successful that in 1966 the street was permanently closed to vehicles making it the first permanent pedestrian mall in North America.  It runs from Elgin to Bank Street and contains outdoor restaurants, shops, fountains and works of art.  Many old buildings of beautiful architecture remain standing along this mall.    The picture below is the entrance to the mall with the Château Laurier and the National War Memorial in the background.

Wed. morning after breakfast we made a quick trip across the Ottawa River into Gatineau, Quebec for a stop at Costco to stock up on rv supplies that are cheaper in Quebec than in Ontario.  Back in to Ottawa for Tom's next appointments and another walk-about for me.  I headed back to the Sparks Street Mall and to Parliament Hill.  I never tire of this walk, the buildings are so impressive and have so much history.  The Parliament is made up of three buildings set in a horseshoe shape with beautiful gardens in the center where the Centennial Flame is located and the Changing of the Guards takes place daily.   The Center Block features the Peace Tower, the Library of Parliament and the House of Commons and Senate chambers.  This buildings was completed in 1927 to replace the original building that was destroyed in 1916 by fire.
Center Block
 The East Block has historic and restored rooms that look much like they did in 1867 at Confederation. Looks like they are working on renovations to the outside of the building.
East Block
The West Block is not open to the public.  It houses the offices of the members of parliament.
West Block
Right next door is the National War Memorial which stands in Confederation Square.  It was originally building to commemorate the First World War.  In 1982 it was rededicated to include the Second World War and the Korean War.  In 2000 the Canadian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was added to symbolize every Canadian who has died or who will die serving their country.
War Memorial
 And next door to the Memorial is the Château Laurier which was commissioned by the Grand Trunk Railway president Charles Hays and constructed between 1909 and 1912.  It was to be opened April 26, 1912 however Hays, who was returning to Canada for the hotel opening, perished aboard the Titanic which sank on the 15th of April.  The opening was held on June 12, 1912 with Sir Wilfred Laurier in attendance.  Laurier was the Prime Minister of Canada at the time the building was commissioned and played a large part in the plans.
Château Laurier
 I love this walk but had to return to meet Tom when he was finished his appointments.  We drove out to the west end of the city his final meeting at noon and then started our drive home.  Along the way we stopped at a little road side park near Actinolite.  It is a pretty spot where we often take a break when travelling this highway.

Might be a good spot for the kayaks!!   Until next time - safe travels.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The Vette's Turn

Monday of the long weekend and the sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful clear blue.  Who could ask for more.

This morning the vacuum and the Armoral made a return visit to the driveway to get the vette cleaned up.  We are planning on a trip to Ottawa tomorrow for a couple of days so she needs to shine.  When I was finished Tom washed and waxed her.

 Don't need any mirrors at our house.  We can fix our hair using the vehicles!!

Stuart and Heajin arrived to go golfing with Tom this afternoon.  Certainly a great day for it.

Joe, Twyla and the kids have arrived at Kinistino for the long weekend and are camping at the old Leonard homestead.  The land was homesteaded by my Granddad George Henry Leonard.  When Granddad and Grandma moved into town one of their four sons, George Peter  took over the farm.  When I was a kid and when Twyla was a kid we both spent alot of time at the farm with Uncle George and Auntie Adele. Sadly they are both gone now but one of their three sons, William (Bill) George Leonard still operates the farm.

 Twyla sent this text last night with the caption "Billy George is working us pretty hard!!".  Looks like they are enjoying their vacation.  My grandson Jake is named after his Great, Great Uncle George.  And a
Great Uncle he was!!

Joe, Billy George and Jacob George

After a fun round of golf the gang returned for a spaghetti and spicy sausage dinner.  I am sure I will pay for this tomorrow!!

Until next time - safe travels.

August Long Weekend

Yes the August Long Weekend is upon us.  But when you are retired they are all long weekends.   But this long weekend is being spent getting the fleet shined up.

Out came the vacuum and the Armoral Saturday morning.  While Tom did the grass cutting I got the inside of Big Mo and the Buick cleaned.    When the inside was all cleaned up he took over to wash, shami and then wax Big Mo.  He is one brute of a truck and that job took a long time.  But he shines now like a new penny.

Sunday morning it was time for the Buick to get a wash and wax job.  Now that our work was done we packed up a picnic lunch and headed north.  We were planning on driving along the east side of Lake Simcoe and maybe up to Orillia.  We love to take a back road tour with the vette just to enjoy the drive.

First stop was  Costco in Newmarket to fill up the car where high test is usually $.10/lt cheaper than regular gas stations.   We were near Costco when we got a call from our friend Helen.  Her and Dave were at their 5th at Grangeway's for the weekend and invited us up for dinner.  What a nice surprise.  Dinner with friends is always a treat.

We continued on a shortened version of our original plan driving up as far as Beaverton.  This is on the south east corner of Lake Simcoe and a spot where we have stopped on other occasions for a picnic lunch.  There is a nice little beach with lots of tables, a long pier where there are usually lots of fishermen trying their luck.

 Since our last time there a new splash pad for the kids has been added.  We had our lunch at the beach, took a walk to the end of the pier to check out the catch and then headed back south to Grangeway's.

We sat outside for awhile but the weather today is cooler with a chilly wind blowing.   Had a nice visit and a lovely dinner with Dave and Helen before heading home again.

Thanks guys.  Dinner was delicious.  Good job on the bbq Dave!!

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend so far also.  Until next time - safe travels.