Friday, 25 October 2013

Goodbye Dear Friend

Today we said goodbye for our dear friend Ruth Kelly.  She passed away last Monday.  Last April  they found a mass in her pancreas plus other cancer sights.  She fought a good fight but lost.

In July  when were camping at Emily Park with the Hollinger's we took a drive up to visit with Ruth and Guy. She had taken radiation for tumours located in her brain and behind her eye.  She had lost 50 pounds and her hair.  She didn't want company, she was easily tired out.  But I promised that we would not stay long and we really wanted to come over.  She met us with that big smile she always had.  We knew at that time that we were saying goodbye.  She refused chemo treatments for the pancreas at is was not going to help.  She went home.  The last I heard from her was a couple of weeks ago.  We knew the call was coming but it was still a shock.

They had a Celebration of her Life today.  The place was packed which was a testament to how many lives she had touched.  How many people had been on the receiving end of the big smile she always had on her face.

I had only really gotten to know her over the past ten or fifteen years.  Tom had known her for probably forty years.  He and Guy worked together back in the old Victoria & Grey Trust years.

John & Judy Hollinger came to our house and we drove to Oakwood together. Our friends Ron and Pat MacKenzie and John and Alice Taylor were also there.  All associated through Victoria & Grey.  

Rest in Peace Ruth.  We are going to miss you.  Our prayers go out to Guy who is going to be so totally lost without his right hand girl.  And to their children and grandchildren.  Until we meet again!!