Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Zipper Club

Well the surgery is over and I am home.  I have a hot new walker to get around for the next couple of weeks. 

 I have officially joined the Zipper Club.  One fat knee that should feel much better next week after the staples come out.  Then John H and I can compare  our   I think he will always be the winner though.

I want to thank all my friends and family that have called, visited, emailed and posted to my facebook page.  So wonderful to know there are so many people in my corner.    I have received beautiful flowers, chocolates right from Russia, edible fruit arrangement and words of love and encouragements.

Also the use of a Kodiak Polar Care machine that pumps ice water through a mat that you can wrap around your injury.  So much better than ice paks.  Should speed up the healing.

Thanks again everyone.  I am now on the road to recovery.  Tom is taking great care of me.  He is the best!!  Love you all.

Until next time - safe travels.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

May Long Weekend

We got Tara and Big Mo on the road and headed out from Tom's cousin Rodger's on Wednesday afternoon after my doctor's appointment.  Rodger and his wife Terry lead the way and we headed to his sister's (also named Terry)  at Avonton where we got set up in their driveway for the night.  Thursday morning we headed back home as I had another appointment Thursday afternoon with the pre-rehab people at the hospital.  As soon as I was done there we headed back to Doug and Terry's and arrived just in time for a great dinner that the two Terry's had made.

Friday morning we hooked up again and headed toward's St. Mary's to a park where we would be camping for the weekend with some more of Rodger's relatives.

A great weekend was had by all.  Only one problem arose when Mary closed her trailer door and somehow it locked.  Doug headed back to his place to get his drill and they ended up drilling the lock out of the handle.  Mary is now known as Mary Keys.  She will not live that down for sometime to come.
 Friday and Saturday were really cold and windy.  I was glad that I had packed my winter jacket.  But on Sunday the sun shone and the temperature rose and it turned into a beautiful day.  Monday was also beautiful but that was the day we had to pack up and head back to Rodger and Terry's to drop off the trailer.  They are kind enough to let us leave it in their yard until I am able to get around good enough to go back to camping.  We had dinner with them and then headed for home.

On the way home Tom asked if I wanted to go visit the old homestead of his grandparents.  His grandfather, William Pegg, purchased the Dakota Mill on the Cedar Springs Road near Kilbride  in 1911.  When Tom was a kid he spent many summers at his grandparents, along with his brother Brian and cousins Rodger and Darryl.  We walked across the damn where  two fellows were fishing.  They pointed out the eels in the water that were laying in wait for the fish.  What look like sticks in the picture below are a couple of eels about two feet in length.
 This is a very pretty spot with the Twelve Mile Creek flowing through the property. 
 The old house, garage and sheds are still there but the house has been condemned.

 Across the road is where the mill was located.  There is nothing left now except the old water wheel. 
Check the internet for the Dakota Mill - Cedar Springs.  It is an interesting story.  Tom's Uncle Leonard Pegg purchased the mill from his father and kept the mill running until 1978 when he put the property up for sale.  There is quite a story about the proposed sale to a company that wanted to turn the mill into a restaurant and museum.  They would preserve the old water wheel and have historical artifacts on display as well as the Pegg Family history.  The adjoining golf course fought this sale.  The story tells of the issues and battles and how Leonard at age 54 died of a heart attack in 1979 most likely due to all the stress involved with the property sale.  Later that year the mill was destroyed by fire.  After all the fighting about preserving the property it is now all gone.  The old water wheel lies in ruins on the overgrown property.  A big chunk of the local history is gone.  So sad.

This is what the mill used to look like.

Tomorrow I head to the hospital at 6 am to be ready for my surgery at 8 am.  Wish me luck.  Next time I post I will have a brand new knee.

I would like to send out congratulations to John and Judy Hollinger on the arrival of their grandson Charles.   Also to Kristina and Chris and big sister Gwenny.  Glad to know that the little guy has arrived and all is well.

Until next time - safe travels. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies out there.  I received this beautiful bouquet of flowers from Twyla.    Thanks Boo!!  Love you too!!  Every Mom loves to get flowers on Mother's Day.

A beautiful card arrived from Jennifer.   Both Twyla and Jenny called today for a chat. They are both in Alberta where the sun is shining today.  Here we had rain, sleet and about 6'.  I have turned the furnace back on.  What happened to the heat?

 Stu & Heajin brought me a bottle of Shinny Girl when they came for dinner today.  Thanks to all my kids.  Love you all!!

Stu and Heajin bought a used tent trailer from our neighbor.  They are pretty happy to have a new toy.

Camping has moved to a whole new level for them.   I am sure they are going to enjoy it.  We have given them all our camping equipment so they are ready to go.

Yesterday I met with a few of the girls that used to work for me.   When Maple Trust/Scotiabank closed our department in 2009 I had 32 people reporting to me.  Over the years since many of us still get together for a lunch a couple times a year.  Nice to see them and get caught up.

We are now watching the Leaf's and hoping for one more win.  So far so good.  End of the first period and no score yet.

Go Leafs!!  Until next time - safe travels. 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Tara and Big Mo. Marriage made in Heaven!!

We have had an issue with the brakes on the GMC.  The factory installed brakes only work on electric brakes.  Well don't you know, Tara has electric over hydraulic brakes.  The two refused to talk to each other.  Tom has been around the block trying to find someone who would disconnect the factory installed controller and install an aftermarket product.  Finally after talking to numerous GMC dealers and trailer dealers he found Open Road GMC in Newmarket that would do the job.   Job finished and we are ready to roll.

Wednesday morning we headed up to the place where our trailer has been stored all winter and hooked her up.  The controller still is not working.  You can imagine we were not very happy.

We spent 5 very long hours standing, sitting and walking around the trailer storage lot waiting for them to try to get it working.  They were on the phone to the manufacture of the brake controller, of the trailer and who knows who else.  No one could figure it out.  Finally by 5 pm they said the brakes work but the controller will not recognize that there is a trailer attached.  We figured to hell with it, we are out of here.  As long as the brakes work we are okay.

So for the very first time Tara and Big Mo have married up and we headed down the road.

We drove down to Carlisle to Tom's cousin Rodger's.  Rodger is going to give us some trailer back up lessons next week.   We plan on camping with them on the long weekend so we will leave Tara at their place until then.  Rodger and Terry  put on a lovely dinner for us before we headed back home.  Thanks guys.

Until next time - safe travels.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Spring...Has it finally Found Us?

May this the first day of spring?  Sure feels like it is.  I turned off the furnace this morning.  Man, May 1st.  This is crazy.

But the sun was shining and by noon the temperature was up to 20'C.  Time to get the vette out of the garage and get on the road.  Off we headed to Woodstock to visit with The Hollinger's who arrived last week back in Canada for the summer.  We took the longgggggg way.  No freeways if we can help it, ever.  It was a great drive through the country side sniffing up the country smells, fresh cut grass, the budding trees, the manure!!!  Nice thing about riding in a convertible, with the top down, is that those smells pass through very quickly.

We arrived at the park to find John and Judy in relaxation mode which we quickly joined into.  They had a great bbq dinner all ready to go for us.   John had to watch the Leaf's loose...........!!!  (sorry John)   He did shed a tear or two.  Maybe Saturday night they will do better.

This morning we woke up to another bright sunny day.  Judy thought she could sneak off with the car but we stopped her.

We stopped in for a quick visit with Kristina and Gwenny before we hit the road for home.  Kristina is only a couple weeks away from having baby number 2.  I think she is more than ready but she sure looks great.  Gwenny made shy for a minute or two but it did not take long for the smiles to appear.  She is cutie for sure and loves to take over PopPop's knee.

It was a nice visit.  Thanks again John & Judy.  We will see you again soon.  Best of luck Kristina with the new baby.  I am sure with all your experience now it will be a piece of cake.  Enjoy them. They grow up far too quickly.

Until next time - safe travels.