Monday, 18 June 2012

A Deck for Tara

We spent the weekend at the park trying to get our electronics to work.

One of our neighbors at the park, Phil,  is a full time rv'er who spends his winters in Donna, Texas.  He has a Winegard satellite dish that he doesn't need and has offered it for sale. We had brought our receiver from home, Phil helped Tom hook up the dish and get the television working.   That part was great until later in the evening we lost the signal and were not able to get it working again.  Ended up turning it off and suffering in silence............well not that silent

There is a surround sound system in the rv.  The fm antenna is no where to be found and we are unable to get any radio reception.  We had stopped at the Future Shop the day before to see if we could purchase a  You would need to order from the manufacturer and no guarantees.  So no radio.

In the rv there are a hundred cables, nothing is labelled and you are working in a little cupboard above the counter.  All in all painful.  We brought the tuner home with us to see if we can get it to work here.We may end up swapping out the entire mess and eventually taking our systems from home and doing some magic to get everything to work.  We are both technologically challenged and my date doesn't have much patience so this will be an  Good thing we are getting this all worked out before we go on the road.!!

We did build a deck for Tara over the weekend.  Worked our fingers to the bone as you can tell from the picture below.

Pretty good work???  It is very stable, even has a concrete base (bricks). I was reminded of when we were visiting the Hollinger's in DHS last winter.  A lady across the street fell coming down the steps on her unit and broke her arm very badly.   This  just makes that last step a nicer landing and less awkward.  It will fit in the back of Big Mo and most likely make the trip with us.

I hope all the Dad's out there had a wonderful Father's Day.  Remember "Anyone can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Dad".

Until next time - safe travels.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Our Friend "Finally" Retires

The weather in the past week has had its ups and downs.  On Tues it was nearly 40' and we were thinking that the ac would have to be turned this July???  Two days later I turned the furnace back on as the daytime temp was more like 20'.   Then the rain and wind hit on Friday bringing down leaves and branches from the trees.  You sure never know in Ontario what the old weather man will bring.

I did get up to the park on Wed and spent the afternoon clearing up what used to be a flower garden at the back of our lot.   We had done some work on it over the weekend and I got it finished today.  I found some strawberry plants hiding among the weeds and they have now been transplanted into freshly turned soil.  We won't get anything off them this year but maybe next years tenants will enjoy a berry or two.  The sod that was laid last week looked pretty brown.  I brought along a soaker hose and gave it a good watering.  And the rain on Friday would have been good for it.  Hope it survives.

Our friend, Dave McAllister,  worked his final day on June 1st and on June 2nd we all gathered to surprise him with a retirement party which his wife, Helen, had organized.

 There was a good turn out of family and  friends.  Dave is highly respected and liked at Vaughan Paving where he worked.  His boss, along with his family and many of Dave's co-workers were also in attendance. Several traveled long distances to attend.  One of Helen's sisters, Jacqueline was the farthest I believe, coming from Calgary to be here for this day.
 Tom and I joined the family back at Dave and Helen's home later for a bbq and visit. Dave is fond of good scotch and received enough bottles to last him for a very long time.  I believe one of them sacrificed itself during the evening thanks to Tom and Dave's brother Ian.  Good times were had by all.

 Dave and Helen plan on heading out in their 5th wheel next week to start the retirement phase of their life.  First stop Boston!!   We wish them well in their new adventures travels our friends :)

Until next time...