Sunday, 28 September 2014

Orillia Bound

We were up early Saturday morning to head up to our friends in Orillia to winterize the trailer and to give him a hand with that Quonset that we worked on last month. We got there at near 10 am and saw that since were there last about half the bands were up.

We figured it wouldn't take too long to get the rest up. Wrong!!! The boys got the final band installed at 7 pm. Here are a few pictures of that last baby going up.

Now he just needs to close it in. There were 7 men working there all day to get the last of those bands installed. A huge job!!

Then it was to start to winterize the trailer. The guys were pumping in the antifreeze but it seemed to be taking an awful lot. But this is the first time we have done it so we had no idea how much it should take. Well we ran out. So we figured we would put out the slides and put in the kayaks so they would be ready for when we leave for Florida. As the dining room slide moved out I found the missing antifreeze. All over the floor and in the carpet. A damn mouse had chewed the water line to the ice maker. As they were pumping the fluid in it was running out on the floor. What a mess! I sponged it up as best as I could and then asked if there was a shop vac handy. In that came and they ran a long extension cord for power. It kept blowing the beaker. Could not get it to work. By now it is dark, the mosquitoes are out in full force and no one has had dinner yet. We called it quits, had dinner and decided to camp out in the trailer for the night and finish in the morning.

This morning we headed into town for more antifreeze. Got the job finished and headed to Stuarts. Took this picture along the way. Fall is definately in the air.

They offered to treat us to dinner at a sushi place in Barrie. Dinner was excellent. Ate far too much!! Thanks again guys!!

Beautiful sunset on the way home. Tomorrow should be a nice day.

Until next time -safe travels.



Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pool time

Actually it is get rid of the pool time. Stuart and Heajin bought their new home with a great above ground pool. Only problem is that they have no interest in the pool and all the work that goes with it. They would sooner have the great back yard. So he put out the word to family and friends. Turns out that his cousin Melissa also has a great new home, two little boys and a yen for a pool. The two worlds have collided.

So we head to his place this morning to start dismantling it before Melissa and her Mom Bev get there with a trailer to take it home.

We spent the day screwing.....yes people you heard it right. There are more bloody screws in this pool than a stray dog has fleas. This pool is built like Fort Knox.

Stu is doing the breast stroke for his first and his only swim in his pool! Oops no water?

We have the top edge off, the liner pulled up and all hoses disconnected. There is still a small pool of green water in the liner. The white stuff he is (swimming) standing on is styrofoam which gives the liner a nice soft base.

The styrofoam is up, the green water is on my feet (yuk) and now the liner is on the lawn drying out. The metal wall is lifted out of a base rail and just rolled up.

We start pulling up the base rail only to discover a steel saddle running from post to post from one side to the other buried down under the screed. Wow. Fort Knox!

Finally done and loaded into the trailer. All that is left is the 18' long roller bar for the cover that is hanging on the fence. We can not get it apart and it is too long to put in either the truck or trailer. We pound and pull and WD40 but no way. The pieces have been together for far too long. Just so happens Stu's buddy has arrived to install the Invisable Fence for the dogs. He had a diamond blade saw with him. Zip and 5 seconds and it is two pieces and in the trailer!! Melissa can always figure out how to make it one again.

Bev and Melissa head off home. Another project done..

We are always up for a project!!! But maybe we can miss the next part and take a weekend That next part will be moving that screed which is about 4 inches deep. It will have to be shoveled up and wheelbarrowed to use to level out a walk way, etc. Wheelbarrow top soil in to level the area where the pool was and plant grass seed. Next spring it will be beautiful.

Heading home now to wash off the mud, have a cold drink for medicinal purposes and dinner.

Until next time - safe travels.




Monday, 8 September 2014

Early Winter

Our daughter Twyla sent me this snap of her back yard this morning.

Has been snowing since last night and supposed to continue at least until tomorrow. She is concerned that with the leaves on the trees and the wet snow that some trees might come down. Their driveway is lined with large trees. She is hoping one doesn't drop on their big travel trailer or a vehicle.
She said the heater is going in the pool and the steam is rising. Maybe a dunk then a roll in the snow and she could pretend she was in Banff at the spa!!! Might not be a bad idea but burrrrrrr!!!
Far too early for that white stuff!!! But it is supposed to go up to 24'C on Sunday. That is Alberta weather for you!! If you want a change of season just wait 24 hours.
Beautiful hot sunny day here. No snow in sight...thank goodness!!
We headed up to Holland Landing this evening to enjoy a feed of wings and beer with our friends Dave and Helen. Their son Craig joined us also. Great to catch up with them. Dave and Helen are heading out in the morning for a trip south. They are not sure where they are going to end up but maybe Washington, DC. Safe travels to them. We will look forward to hearing about their adventures upon their return
I am spending my time trying to get insurance organized for the next year. House, vehicles, health, travel and trailer. What a pain. Wish me luck. I don't have much love for insurance companies.
Until next time - safe travels.




Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday- A day of rest?

Not a chance. We were up early and up to Stuart's to give him a hand with some more things at his new house. First on the list was removing a couple of juniper trees in front of the house. I sawed all the lower limbs off so they could get at the roots and try to pull the trees out. Here are the boys working on the pulling aspect.

When that didn't work they tied a rope onto the hitch on the truck and tried to pull. Oops the rope broke. They tried a different kind of rope. Oops that one broke also. So they got the spade and started doing more chopping.

But they persevered and finally got the trees out, tied up and ready for the yard waste pick up. Looks good!!

Heajin made us lunch before she left for work. After lunch we worked on getting a bunch of Jennifer's stuff that Stu is currently storing up into the loft in the garage and making some room in there. We have a bunch of her stuff in our garage also that will, at some point, end up in Stu's if she doesn't manage to collect it. The boys rigged up a pulley system to pull up the canoe in the garage. Tom got the grass cut and I cleaned up some more of the back yard.

The people next door were just cleaning out their house that they recently sold. They gave Stu a nice wrought iron patio set that they did not want to move. Also said they were taking a load to the dump later this week and he was welcome to toss any of his junk on their driveway and they would take it also. Perfect!! He was able to get rid of a bunch of old lumber and crap that was left in his back yard. Bonus!! So nice of them.

We finished up at close to 6 pm and headed for home. A cold relaxing drink on the deck and dinner. We are tired!! But I am sure we will do this again, they have lots of work to get done and we do love a project.

Until next time - safe travels.



Saturday, 6 September 2014

More Seniors - More Mail Box Money!!

Tom's sister Bev and her husband Larry both recently turned 65. Today we are headed to Lakehurst to her daughter Andrea's for a birthday party for the two Seniors!!! As we started out I had to grab a picture of the odometer on the vette....going to be a lucky day!!!

This our first visit to Tom's niece Andrea's new home. I must say it is a very beautiful country home. A big back yard to hold the festivities. Lots of room for the kids to play and wear off some energy, even the big kids. Here we have Kristal and Heajin, along with little Ben on one side of a bean toss game.

But over here we have Stuart and Adam along with 4 helpers. I don't think the sides were even!!

Tom's brother Brian along with his daughter Dawn and her boyfriend Greg and his little girl.

Tom's sister Pat and her husband Dick, with their daugher Kristal, her husband Adam and little ones Ellie and Ben.

Here Tom is chatting with Andrea's husband Scott and their son Owen.

Lots of snacks to be had. Pat, Heajin and Andrea checking them out.

They catered a great dinner of roast beef on a bun and salads. Didn't take long when the bell rang for everyone to head to the chow wagon.

To be followed by birthday cakes for Larry and Bev. Their grandson Caleb was there to assist with the candles.

A nice day ending with some fireworks. Then the long drive home. Tomorrow it is back to Stuart's new house to give them some more help settling in. Until next time - safe travels.