Saturday, 7 February 2015

Busy Times

The time flies by. January 28th was the annual Snow Bird Extravaganza in Lakeland. We headed over to check out the displays and watch the great Canadian entertainment. On the stage this year again were Michelle Wright, John McDermott, Pavlo and Bowser and Blue. Great music and great comedians. No Walter Gretzky is year though.

The weather has been less than great. It has been cooler than usual with lots of wind. Our pool heater was out of commission for a couple of weeks. We did brave 72' water a few times but there were no water aerobics. I continue to go to the 3 mile walking class four days per week with Judy and Terry. On my days off I try to get in 3 miles around the park or in the gym if the weather is bad.

Tom and John built a stand with a ladder, odd boards and snap ties for our old TV so we could have a big screen to watch the Super Bowl outside. It was quit a production. They dragged this all over to Hollinger's RV. Rodger and Terry also joined us to watch the best football game I think I have ever watched. Here is a picture taken by Judy of the gang.


When we were at the RV Show in Tampa Tom picked up a product that is supposed to put a new hard coat on the 5th called PoliGlow. He discovered that the gel coat on the nose and the back was starting to flake off. This new product is supposed to help take care of that problem. So he has spent many hours light sanding, cleaning and then several coats of PoliGlow. When he got finished it looks great.

Under the 5th we also discovered that all the steel frame was very rusted. A result of traveling in the salt conditions on our travels down here in December over the past couple of years. So I have spent many hours scraping the rust and then painting all the steel frame with rust paint. Especially under the slides there is a lot of steel to refinish. I spent a couple of afternoons scraping and a couple afternoons painting. It looks much better and should help keep our 5th looking and feeling like new. And since we now have a full concrete pad under the trailer it was a good time to be crawling around under there.

We Joined John and Judy to check out a new winery just north of here on highway 27 yesterday. A small Mom & Pop operation called Fiddlers Ridge Farms. They just recently opened and are trying to get established. They make blueberry wine and Orange blossom honey wine currently but plan on doing some blending to produce new favors. We got to take a look around and sample their product. The wine es a bit too sweet for our taste but I am sure they will be a hit. We left with our cash still in our pockets.

Today we drove into Frostproof to see the Orange Blossom Antique Car Show. For a small town there was a huge turnout. Approximately 200 of cool cars to look at. From the really old to the strange they had it all covered. We stopped at a spot on the main drag called O'Hara's Automotive Restoration. This place is filled with vehicles in different stages of being rebuilt. Interesting!

Love the puppy!! Looks real doesn't it?

The big boys


Lots to see and do. It turned out to be a beautiful day with the wind finally settling down. We had lunch in town on a patio. Pretty nice for February!!

I ordered a new camera today so will be able to get better pictures and more conveniently than with my iPad. A new Fujifilm Finepix XP70. Waterproof, frost proof, drop proof, idiot proof and wifi capability. Can't wait for it to arrive!!

Not sure where the time goes. One day it is Monday and in a blink of an eye it is Friday again. Some days I wish it would slow down a little. Until next time - safe travels.




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  1. You're starting to sound like you are as busy as we are. Better weather than back home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!.

    It's about time.